Legal planning designed to meet the lifetime needs of older persons, disabled persons, their caregivers, & their families.

Taking Care Of Our Clients Through Lifetime Planning

As a practice entirely focused on elder law and related issues, we concentrate on legal planning designed to meet the lifetime needs of our clients, whether they be older persons, disabled persons or caregivers and family. We work closely with our clients, gently handling their cases and helping them plan for end-of-life needs.

Elder law involves more than just planning for incapacity or death. It involves careful consideration of health care planning, retirement and other particular legal matters associated with aging. We aim to ensure that our clients are comfortable with each decision and step.

Both of our attorneys have over 20 years of experience. Attorney Marie Conforti is one of the only attorneys in the Vero Beach area who is board certified in elder law in Florida. Being board-certified means that attorney Conforti has specialized and expert experience in elder law. This experience and expertise are greatly beneficial to our clients. You can trust that you are getting excellent representation for your planning and elder law needs.

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Marie Conforti
Pamela Hennig

Focusing On The Whole Life Of Every Client

Our goal is to help our clients get what they need to have a comfortable life and to help honor their wishes when they are gone. Our firm is unique in that only one out of two firms in Vero Beach focuses on the whole cycle of lifetime planning. As elder law attorneys, we are sensitive to the unique needs of older clients. We can respond to these needs with thoughtful advice and suggestions designed to protect their assets and assure personal choice.

We often create estate plans for the disposition of assets after someone passes. We know how to write elder law estate plans that differ from traditional ones in their focus on lifetime needs. When creating these plans, we pay special attention to the client’s wishes and their loved one’s lifetime needs. Our clients often come to us with concerns about having a plan in the event of incapacity or disability. We can help formulate plans that protect life savings and provide long-term care, health care access and public benefits.

Honoring Your Wishes And Protecting Your Future

We care about our clients and work to honor their wishes during life and post-mortem. We can help guide you through the steps of creating an estate plan that will secure your personal choices and assets. Contact Conforti & Hennig by calling 772-257-0421 or by filling out an our online contact form.