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Your Life Savings Don’t Have To Go Into Long-Term Care

When a loved one goes into long-term care, you may have a lot of concerns at the forefront of your mind. You worry about their comfort, level of care, and how to pay for in-home care or the care facility. Without proper planning, going into long-term care can wipe out your life savings. By setting up a plan that follows Medicaid regulations, you can protect assets for your spouse and other loved ones, and you can protect income for your spouse.

The state and federal Medicaid regulations are numerous and complex. There are rules that allow families to protect assets and still qualify for Medicaid benefits. Having an experienced attorney who understands those rules is usually the best way to avoid spending down the assets you spent a lifetime acquiring when a loved one goes into long-term care. At Conforti & Hennig, our attorneys have years of experience helping families work within the Medicaid regulations to protect their assets. We approach each case with compassion and ensure that our clients understand and are comfortable with each step we take.

Thinking Two Steps Ahead

There is a range of strategies for protecting your assets. Our process involves sitting down and looking at our client’s unique financial situations to determine what makes the most sense for their circumstances. By thinking and planning ahead, you can avoid serious financial setbacks and stress. 

No matter your financial situation, we can help put things in place to protect your assets. Our attorneys focus is on elder law and providing planning and representation for the entire life cycle. This includes planning for long-term care and dealing with Medicaid. Not only will you feel better that you won’t lose everything to a long-term care facility, but your loved one may feel better and safer knowing that you aren’t suffering financial losses. 

Protecting Your Assets While Taking Care Of Your Loved Ones

There are steps you can take to protect your assets and plan ahead when it comes to Medicaid regulations. Only a licensed attorney can give you all the legal options for Medicaid planning and asset protection. (Click here for brochure)

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